This is my second attempt at a 100 Baby Challenge. I am determined to get through it this time and actually am borderline obsessed with this one for some reason–haha! I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to press that beautiful Like button and fill my blog up with love!

So here’s how my challenge will go…

I won’t be following all of the traditional rules of a 100 Baby Challenge because…well if you know my previous stories, then you know good and well that I never follow the rules! The founder will be a YA female, Dawn Lovelace, who just got married to the man of her dreams, Marco Lovelace. They will love the crap out of each other and procreate mini Lovelaces until Dawn reaches elderly status. Once she gets all old and wrinkly, the youngest daughter will become the next to continue on generation one.

Each heir per generation will not always be married, some will choose to be a…social butterfly per say. 🙂 This, of course, will go on and on until we have reached 100 babies in total. I will also be keeping a tab on each child. You can expect to see them in the Menu bar up top with their picture as a YA.

I may place each child up for adoption–I mean download–in case you want them to grace your game with their presence.

Now onto meeting the founder…

Dawn Lovelace

Dawn Lovelace2